Edenprime Systems Ltd

Electronic design services for embedded systems with capabilities for architecture, design and development of hardware and software products, modules and systems. Highly experienced in developing wireless, security and sensor systems.

Edenprime has performed a large a number of projects designing and developing products, modules and protocols for a range of industries, with particular experience and expertise for embedded system designs including wireless, ultra-low-power operation, security, and sensors.

Projects performed vary in scope dependent on client needs; common elements include:

  • requirements specification
  • system or module functional architecture analysis and design specification
  • feasibility studies
  • system security analysis and design
  • communication protocol design
  • algorithm and signal processing design
  • development of hardware incorporating DFM (Design For Manufacture)
  • development of software/firmware: BSP, drivers, libraries, application and and test
  • transfer to manufacture for production

Edenprime is typically involved at an early stage in the project lifecycle, where our broad experience and understanding of standards assists with early system trades to determine suitable design specifications.

As well as fast development of prototypes, Edenprime has strong experience in design for manufactire (DFM). For developments intended for manufacture production, early consideration of aspects including security, EMC, DFM (design for manufacture) and test all help reduce the number of design iterations, minimising overall costs and timescales.

Please see our website for further details of our capabilities and experience.

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