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Novahub is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) specialising in WiFi Solutions. We help organisations address their business and operational challenges with reliable, secure and fast WiFi infrastructure and operations.

Managed WiFi Services that work for you

Novahub helps organisations address their business and operational challenges with reliable, secure and fast WiFi infrastructure and operations.

With over 20 years delivering managed and supported WiFi services, Novahub is a trusted WiFi partner that guarantees the performance and effectiveness of your WiFi solution. We provide services, support and cloud platforms designed to handle the daily operations of WiFi infrastructure, applications and security to businesses, organisations, and end-users.

Products and services

Small & Large Venue WiFi

Venue WiFi is the ideal solution for locations which host events, exhibitions, attractions, or conferences. Venues need to attract and retain visitors, and support existing staff and ongoing operations, and are often attended by significant numbers of users.

Venues can be notoriously difficult to cover and provide reliable WiFi, especially when they get busy. This is where Novahub’s experience comes in. Our WiFi fully managed, advanced Venue WiFi is designed to specifically work with high-capacity and highly demanding connectivity.

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Visitor & Hotspot WiFi

Our Visitor & Hotspot WiFi is a ready-to-go solution that complements your existing WiFi system.

Whether you’re a visitor attraction, hotel, retail store or festival, you’ll enjoy a wealth of customisation options such as setting up bespoke splash pages, surveys, unique advertising and promotions, supporting multiple languages, multiple login and onboarding options, and user verification.

Our solution allows for the collection of data and consent while ensuring compliance with privacy regulations and your company’s requirements.

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Temporary Event WiFi

Our WiFi for Events provides temporary WiFi connectivity for your visitors, devices and production operations across your event or venue.  

Reliable WiFi for events such as festivals, outdoor concerts, conferences and tradeshows is a must-have requirement, and many events now also need online collaboration.

With WiFi for Events, we design, supply, deploy and support your temporary WiFi, including connectivity for visitors, exhibitors, operations and production. We can provide connectivity for ticketing, point-of-sale systems, and hybrid events including video and live streaming.

We take care of the event set-up/take-down, health and safety, and supply logistics, and provide full support for the event itself.

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Business & Enterprise WiFi Solutions

Novahub offers integrated business WiFi solutions for both small and corporate businesses. Our goal is to provide fast, reliable, and secure internet connections so that businesses can operate at peak efficiency.

Easily manage a converged enterprise network, make better business decisions, and deliver exceptional user experiences. Easily provision, manage, optimize, and troubleshoot a high-performance multi-access enterprise network through a single web dashboard.

Provided through our managed service, we enable business intelligence and define and track business-level KPIs, whilst your system is backed up with our 24/7 monitoring and support, and our WiFi coverage guarantee.

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