Elucidare is a boutique technology development and investment advisory business. Our activities span the entire innovation and investment cycle from invention to trade sale or IPO.


We work alongside academic and commercial researchers to invent and develop novel technologies and applications.


We help leading technology firms to identify new market opportunities and develop diversification strategies accordingly.


We provide discreet scientific and commercial due diligence advice to the financiers of early-stage technology firms.

Products and services

quaudio - invisible listening bubble via directionality filtering

quaudio can differentiate between direct soundwaves and those arriving via wall reflections. We can use this to support active gain control based on directionality, a function of the relationship between the source and its reverberant environment. My voice disappears as I walk away from the mic not because I become quieter, but because my voice become less directional. Everything you hear in this video was created in real-time by the RPi and recorded by the camera mic input - with ZERO post processing. BOOM!

See the video on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dC3r8_lgFeY



quaudio - dereverberation using active source tracking and beamforming

Hear quaudio suppress the "room effect" of a highly reverberant recording environment. Everything you hear in this video was generated directly from quaudio running on the the Raspberry Pi with no post-processing.

See the video on youtube here:


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