Kidney Research UK

Kidney Research UK is the leading charity dedicated to research into kidney disease in the UK. We rely almost wholly on the generous donations of the UK public and we believe that everybody deserves a life free of kidney disease.

Kidney Research UK is a charity working to cure kidney disease. It is still out there, a silent killer, blighting the lives of more than two million patients, with a further million undiagnosed. We are the largest charitable funder supporting renal research in the UK today. For decades the research we enable has been saving lives, but people continue to suffer and we want to do so much more to help…

Through targeted research, the collation and sharing of health information and strategic planning we have been shaping and facilitating advances in renal research since 1961, collaborating with other charities and funders to deliver life-changing care to all those affected.

With the incidences of obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure (all triggers for kidney disease) on the increase due to our changing life-styles, our work is more essential than ever, and we need good, passionate and caring people to help get us to a cure – faster.

Our Values

Our four brand values are;

Bravery - our attitude.

The patients at the centre of our work, who face kidney disease and its catastrophic impact on the body, are truly brave. Meeting that threat head on, with a positive attitude and a calm but steely resolve is truly inspirational.

Ambition - our approach.

We want to be understood as an ambitious organisation.

The researchers we invest in, whose work changes how we think about kidney disease and how to beat it, are naturally ambitious. This desire to find answers to the most difficult questions requires a spark of ambition. Even in the face of frustrating results they don’t stop. They can’t stop. As a team, we want to capture that spark. To be ambitious in our approach and always going further.

Urgency - our challenge

We must always create urgency.

The surgeons, doctors and nurses, who specialise in kidney health, know that when kidney disease strikes it is a race against time. When life hangs in the balance the pace of their actions helps save more lives.

We want to show this energy in all that we do. We must communicate the critical nature of the disease and urgency through our approach and the need to raise funds

Passion - our emotion

We want to show our passion. It is laced into all that we do.

Our work wouldn’t be possible without our supporters. They often have a personal connection to kidney disease and this strong link makes them go the extra mile. Research into kidney disease is hugely under-funded and this creates frustration and anger. More must be done.

We want to harness this emotion. To show passion in the way we feel about our work and approach every challenge.

Our Behaviours:

Collaborative relationship builder: Works effectively and inclusively with a range of people, both within and outside the organisation. Treats all colleagues equally and proactively seeks positive outcomes.

Driven to succeed: Demonstrates an entrepreneurial determination, resourcefulness, and purpose to deliver the best results. Identifies opportunities to learn and improve when experiencing set-backs.

Open Minded: Future-focused, curious, seeks out new and innovative ways to improve ways of working to best add value to organisation, customers, and patients.

Strives to improve self and others: Continuously seeks to develop, takes personal responsibility for own learning, and offers guidance and support to colleagues.

Accountable & Responsible: Demonstrates ownership of role and responsibilities. Shows courage and confidence to speak up respectfully.

Skilled Communicator: Possesses the ability to influence, prepares adequately for professional interactions and gains the necessary commitment and support from diverse stakeholders through logic and reason.

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