Emberion develops and produces graphene photonics and electronics that will revolutionise infrared photodetectors and thermal sensors in applications ranging from hyperspectral and thermal imaging to night vision and X-ray detection.

Emberion has developed unique skills in combining graphene and nanostructured optical absorbers with custom-designed read-out integrated circuits (ROIC). The design and fabrication of custom ROICs incorporated with the integration of nanomaterials allows us to create high-performance infrared detector products for a broad range of wavelengths from visible light to the thermal range. Our products are highly cost competitive with superior performance and can be used for various applications such as machine vision, night vision, spectrometry and thermography.

We operate in a semi-fabless mode where we utilize subcontractors for various established manufacturing steps but keep all the performance-critical steps in-house. We manage the entire manufacturing process through our captive know-how and extensive IPR protection and concentrate our own resources on the novel value-adding process stages.

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