AccountAbility-Plus is an established consultancy offering operational and back office support services to businesses throughout the UK. Committed to the success of our clients, the experienced team are on hand to help improve efficiencies by streamlining processes allowing you to focus on driving your business forward.

We support business owners and directors by giving them more time, help grow their businesses and reach their goals. Our vision is to support businesses to grow, without the growing pains.

AccountAbility-Plus works with a variety of businesses, large and small in a multitude of sectors, offering back office support services and advice.

When you started your business no one told you about the paperwork, the compliance, the finances you need to keep on top of.  You started your business as you were excited about your what you do best, therefore let us do what we do best - outsource your back office, the boring, the mundane - and get back to doing what you do best and feel that excitement about running your own business again.

By delegating the extra, mundane but essential tasks to the AccountAbility-Plus team you will gain the peace of mind that you have access to the team of professional and experienced, operational, finance and administrative staff you always aspired to have for your business.

Products and services

Sales & Marketing

Together, we will create a strategy to make your marketing campaigns more successful.

Whether you need telemarketing, direct sales or a marketing development service, our professional sales and marketing team are here to help.

You have your product or service, let us help you create your brand and increase awareness in the relevant market place.

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We pride ourselves on our ability to meet clients’ compliance needs, as and when required.

How much time do you spend keeping your business compliant?

Non-compliance of VAT, PAYE, GDPR, Auto-Enrolment and Health & Safety obligations, to name just a few, can have a serious financial impact on your business due to the level of penalties involved.

Businesses are facing ever increasing obligations to meet regulatory compliance.  New regulations mean new challenges for your business.  You can keep abreast of new regulations by accessing our knowledge library to face these challenges head on.


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Operational Support

Whether you have a shortage of skills or personnel, we can help you to become more adaptable without carrying the operational costs associated with additional employees.

Our team responds to the ever-changing business needs of our clients in a flexible and timely manner.

We stay up to date with regulatory practices to ensure your business gains access to the latest knowledge and is future-proofed to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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PA, Admin and Telephone Support

No matter the size of a business, good secretarial support can make a real difference.

You need support but not full time.  That important quotation for a new client doesn’t have quite the same impact if it is delivered late because you just haven’t had the time to deal with administrative tasks.

By using our PA and secretarial service you can be confident that you have first class support when you need it, enabling you to concentrate on what you do best.

Our telephone support services means that your clients and suppliers will not know if they are calling your office or ours.  All incoming calls will be efficiently managed by our experienced team.



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Invoicing & Credit Control

Invoicing accurately and on time is an essential element to successful credit control.

Missed errors on invoices or delays in issuing invoices can give your customers excuses for late payment.  An accurate invoice, sent immediately and to the right person, puts you in a better position to have a more positive cash flow.

Efficient credit control is a critical part of a well-managed business that will help reduce bad debts, improve cash flow.  You have done the hard work by supplying your product or service, let us ensure that you receive payment for your efforts quickly and efficiently.

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Payroll and HR Management

Employing staff can be a minefield – so much employment legislation to comply with and the threat of financial penalties if situations spiral out of control.

Over the years, Payroll and HR functions have evolved and integrated, ensuring greater efficiency in managing and processing the relevant data.  Larger companies may employ separate Payroll and HR teams, however more and more organisations are choosing to outsource their Payroll and HR functions as a more cost-effective solution.

In-house payroll processing can be time consuming, expensive and stressful.  Outsourcing to our dedicated payroll team is cost effective and lifts a huge burden allowing you to concentrate your efforts on the more important corporate aspects of growth and development.

HR is the strategic approach to the effective management of people in a business to maintain and increase its success through the maximisation of employee performance.  Our HR professionals help you develop and retain your team.

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Accounting and Book Keeping

A good finance department, with specific procedures and working practices, is not something to aspire to “when the business is big enough”.

Every business needs the financial controls that only a finance department can provide. A book keeper, coming in once or twice a week to “keep the books up to date” cannot deliver everything you and your business needs to keep ahead.

Our team can take the burden of regular accounting off your shoulders with our personalised book keeping service.   Whether your business is large, medium, small or a start-up, our services are tailored to suit the requirements of the business ensuring full support when you need it.

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