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Offering consulting Services to organisations of all sizes though with a particular focus on scale-ups and "lab to leader" development:
- Individual and team coaching and mentoring
- Engineering development consultancy

About Innovador Consulting and Keith Clarke

Innovador Consulting was founded by Keith Clarke in October 2018 predominantly to provide coaching and development services to scaling businesses in and around the Cambridge, UK region.

Keith is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (The IET). He has spent over 30 years in the technology industry, starting as a chip designer, then joining Arm Limited in 1993 with fewer than 40 employees. As an engineer, he co-developed the ARM7TDMI processor used in the first GSM mobile phones by Nokia: the 3310 and beyond. Progressing to VP Engineering by 2003, Keith then had a series of VP level roles including Technical Marketing, Business Unit General Manager, Product Line Leadership and finally Operations, seeing Arm grow to over 5,000 people before leaving in September 2018 to pursue a career in People and Team development.

Ethos and Methodology

Keith’s experience in Arm Limited reinforced the importance of an innovative and collaborative culture for any company that needs to grow or deal with change. The ingredients for creating the right culture are relatively well known, yet can be difficult to hold onto as an organisation grows. Coaching for performance along with development programmes, targeted training and workshops can be used to help people make lasting changes to their performance and improve company results.

Products and services

Innovation Performance

Innovation Performance Programmes to enhance the day to day innovation behaviour and culture of teams.

There are a relatively large number of ingredients required to create a highly innovative company, however there are a smaller set of factors which correlate well with innovative behaviour and culture within teams.

I offer Innovation Performance Programmes which will create awareness of areas for improvement and, importantly, the case for change within teams. A standard programme would take the form of an “as-is” measurement, a workshop to identify the gaps and create action plans, followed by further “as-is” measurement to assess the impact at a later date. These have proved very popular with teams and their leaders where innovative behaviour is crucial but felt to be missing vital ingredients.

"Lab to Leader" Development

Bespoke programs of development particularly focussed on those with a STEM background entering the world of management and leadership

In highly technical industries, for example where there are many engineers and/or scientists, there can be a lot of scepticism regards learning soft skills. Yet when moving from an individual contributor role to a team leader role, soft skills become the dominant factor in determining the level of performance achieved.

Programmes can be created for individuals or groups, starting with "know yourself", for example using the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) system with it's simple to remember 3 axes and focus on relationship management.

Team Collaboration and Relationship Management

Using The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) to build and enhance team collaboration through better knowledge of one's own motivations and strengths and how to use them at the right time and in the way to enhance relationships.

As qualified SDI facilitator, I can offer development programs that incorporate the learning power of SDI. Team members complete assessments on-line which d

eliver a personalised report outlining their Motivational Value System (MVS), Conflict sequence, Strengths Portrait and Overdone Strengths Portrait. The SDI benefits from being well validated and uses an easy to remember 3 axes system associated with preferences for People, Process or Performance motivation.

Individuals can be coached regarding what strengths they may need to borrow and which to play down in different situations and with different people. SDI is most effective when used in a team setting to help enhance collaborative behaviour and trust through increased awareness of one another's preferred MVS.

Development workshops can be created to target specific business outcomes and to suit a variety of budgets.


Coaching for development and performance, specialising in those with a STEM background

After an early career as a technical specialist, many people feel thrust into people management without the confidence or skills to fully adjust to new expectations of behaviour and delivery being put on them.

I provide coaching and mentoring services for individuals to help them understand the greater impact they can have, highlight areas for further development and provide the awareness and motivation to rise to the challenges of management and leadership.

The coaching programs can be tailored to most needs: ranging from on-going support for an emerging leader who requires targeted guidance  using a combination of coaching and mentoring; to time-limited performance coaching of an individual with a specific development goal.

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