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Matching companies with non-profits. Sparking connections, igniting change!

What is it we actually do?

Our unique approach at Get Synergised involves acting as a bridge between businesses and the non-profit sector. As both a matchmaker and broker, we empower these collaborations to create meaningful social value and make a real difference in the community.

Our Consultancy Services connect businesses strategically with aligned registered charities and social enterprises through a 3 step process, while our Training Courses empower the non-profit sector to establish enduring partnerships with businesses through our 7-point Strategic Corporate Partnerships Strategy. At our Networking Events, we then unite the sectors through purpose to network, share skills, exchange knowledge, and drive social value and community impact. At our events prioritise purposeful relationships over sales tactics and pitches, fostering collaboration rooted in shared values, not superficial tick-box exercises.

Why are our consultancy services needed?

Our research has uncovered a gap!

Businesses can lack awareness of local community needs, struggle to find suitable charitable partners, and lack strategies for sustainable partnerships aligned with their ESG and Corporate Social Responsibility objectives. Likewise, charities and social enterprises tend to prioritise monetary donations and can lack the knowledge and skills for effective collaboration and long-term relationship-building with businesses.

Well, that is until we came along!

What’s the why behind what we do?

At the core of what we do lies a deep commitment to bettering the lives of marginalised individuals and those facing adversities in our society. Recognising the challenges that exist on both local and global scales, we believe in fostering strong collaboration and purposeful partnerships between businesses and the non-profit sector. Through this unified effort, we aspire to create positive change and address inequalities, cultivating inclusive and resilient communities.

Our vision extends beyond individual pursuits, as we work towards a world where everyone's well-being is valued, much like the age-old principle of caring for others as you would for yourself. By synergising resources and expertise, we aim to uplift lives and create a brighter, fairer future for all.

“When sectors choose to collaborate and utilise their resources and skills for good, it can be a powerful catalyst for change.”

Rachel Hales

Founder and Social Entrepreneur

Products and services

Training Courses For Non-Profits

Empowering charities and social enterprises with our 7-point Strategic Corporate Partnerships Strategy.

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Consultancy For Businesses

Customised solutions for businesses to drive ESG and Social Responsibility with our 3-step approach.

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