Beyond the fruit basket: Wellbeing in the workplace

Are you doing enough to protect the mental and physical wellbeing of your employees? Do you have a wellbeing strategy in place? If not, it’s time to start thinking about the practical steps you can take to improve the wellbeing of your employees.

Join Kameo Recruitment and a panel of experts for our wellbeing morning, where you will walk away more knowledgeable on: mental wellbeing, menopause, domestic abuse, workplace stress and health and fitness in the work place. This fun and engaging session promises to leave you feeling revitalised, and ready to develop a proactive wellbeing strategy that puts your employees front and centre.

60 per cent of employees say they’d feel more motivated and more likely to recommend their organisation as a good place to work if their employer took action to support mental wellbeing." MIND CHARITY “HOW TO PROMOTE MENTAL WELLBEING"

You will hear from:

  • Menopause Expert Pat Duckworth, Women’s Health Strategist & Award-Winning Author of “Mind the Gap: Menopause Wellbeing in the Workplace”, you’ll learn why a menopause is a workplace issue. In this session you will discover: the basics of menopause, how midlife changes can affect employee performance, legislation and case law, and the practical steps employees can take.
  • Prepare to get moving with Rebecca Myers, An ambitious entrepreneur and Director of Live Happy. After 13 years working in the corporate world, Rebecca felt unfulfilled; she hadn’t anticipated that her corporate desk job would come with a side effect; she was becoming more sedentary. Rebecca’s desire to offer clients with a busy work life schedule a fitness and wellbeing tool that can be accessed anytime and anywhere, drove her to develop the Live Happy App. Learn how your business can begin to utilise Live Happy in your workplace.
  • Insights provided by Lauren Dilrew,  Lauren is a Director based in PwC’s Cambridge office. She will share insights of what PwC offers to support team wellbeing and how she has experienced this in her role as people leader for the Audit team. Lauren is passionate in supporting an inclusive environment where all team members can thrive. By sharing resources available to PwC employees to support wellbeing at work but also working within the team to create a distinct culture where everyone is empowered to find balance in life.
  • Be inspired by Anne Archer. Hear how you can put theory into practice; learn how your business can build its capacity and capability for growth without compromising individual wellbeing. Anne enables coaches and leaders alike to understand the continuum of mental health; from supporting people who are struggling through to sustaining high levels of wellbeing. Anne has a global client base which gives her a broad perspective on what helps us to thrive and what gets in our way.

Kameo Recruitment Director and Domestic Abuse Campaigner: Sharon Livermore Sharon will take the stage to share her Domestic Abuse Policy in front of a live audience for the first time since it was created. She will be joined by Chris Luff MBE who is a representative of the Domestic Abuse Alliance. Chris helps businesses meet the demanding needs of CSR via strategic planning and initiatives, which invariably help businesses and brands grow! And, if that wasn’t enough the final segment on domestic abuse will be concluded by Detective Inspector David Savill: Domestic Abuse and Missing Person Tactical Lead (Cambridgeshire Constabulary).

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