Developing next-generation digital supply chains

Online course: Developing next-generation digital supply chains: How to deploy I4.0 technologies to transform end-to-end supply chain

This course gives insight into the application of I4.0 technologies across the end-to-end supply chain that has the potential to deliver totally new operating and business models that lead to differentiated competitive positioning.

The emphasis is on practical approaches that can be applied to help determine the radical transformation path required for delivering real business impact in terms of cost, quality, resilience, sustainability and growth.


  • Latest concepts and practical frameworks to help your organisation to understand the full potential of digital transformation in your end-to-end manufacturing supply chain.
  • Case studies of digital supply chains transformation (‘Digital Lighthouses’) which demonstrate leading approaches and global best practice.
  • Typical ‘digital traps’ that leading companies have identified in securing the full business potential of I4.0 (and how these can be overcome).
  • Practical frameworks for building a comprehensive Digital Supply Chains Transformation Roadmap – engaging across business, operations and IT functions – that can deliver totally new operating and business models that underpin competitive advantage.

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