Focus on Finance

Money doesn’t grow on trees – or in the soil or in glasshouses…..but at Agri-TechE's annual Focus on Finance event you’ll find out where money is available to advance your agri-tech innovation.

Focus on Finance

The 2023 Agfunder report balanced a gloomy downturn in investment with a more positive narrative about the rising interest in agri-tech innovations to tackle the climate change challenge. While there was a drop in the overall numbers of deals globally, investment in farmer focussed innovations suffered much less of a decline than those developing food delivery and e-grocery services.

So there is money out there – but how can you access it?

From non-dilutive grant funding, to angel, VC and asset finance – there are many ways to get money into your business. The key is knowing what is right for you, at the right time in the evolution of your business, and who to talk to in order to maximise your chances of a successful outcome.

Key questions we'll be covering in the session include:

· What do investors REALLY want to see and hear? Hear some top tips and home truths

· “My exciting company is going to be worth a lot of money in future – today’s valuation should reflect that, right?” (Spoiler alert: Not everyone might agree with you!)

· What grants are available for R&D, infrastructure and business growth, and how do I maximise my chance of a successful application?

· What is the role of grant funding – does it help leverage and de-risk additional private investment?

We’ll be hearing from those across the spectrum of finance available who want to meet people looking to grow their business – at whatever stage your business might be.

Who should attend:

  • Researchers and entrepreneurs seeking their first investments to establish proof of concept and feasibility
  • Tech developers and business leaders needing finance to take their venture to the next level – early, mid or late
  • Private investors (including angels, VCs, family offices)
  • Representatives of grant-awarding bodies looking to help those who are raising money navigate the public funding landscape

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