IP (Intellectual Property) and Commercialisation

This practical and intense IP (intellectual property) and commercialisation course encompasses internal and external considerations of using IP within business strategy.

The first part focuses on aspects of creating and maintaining an IP portfolio: IP Management.  The second part considers external aspects of working with IP in your ecosystem: Commercialisation with IP.  

In part 1, IP management, we will cover invention harvesting (identification, capture and assessment), procedures in applying for patents, looking after trade secrets, managing your IP portfolio, budgeting for IP and ownership of IP.   To start the course, we will confirm our knowledge on IP rights. 

In part 2, IP commercialisation, we introduce strategies for working with others in the innovation ecosystem. Topics will include confidentiality agreements, handling IP matters in contracts. We discuss techniques on identifying applications and potential markets for your innovation, and consider competitor issues along the supply chain. 

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