Microsoft Office 365 User Training Teams and Forms Beginners

You may already be using Microsoft Teams 365 to hold online meetings and making video calls. Say you want to create a project and you want everyone's input on that project, including channeling the feedback into an Excel spreadsheet or into report.

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Using Microsoft Teams 365 with Forms 365 will make this happen. In this way there is no need to second guess people comments, there is no need to traipse through all the ideas on all of the Teams channels, you can simply consolidate all of that information into one happy place and report on it professionally. Use Teams to distribute your forms to the right teams and channels and then collect your precious data together.

During this course you will:

Use Microsoft Teams to:

  • Create a Team
  • Create a Channel
  • Add Forms in Teams as an app

Use Microsoft Forms to:

  • Create a Form
  • Add Form Components
  • Change Form Options
  • Share your Form
  • Handle Form Responses

Integrate Forms with Teams

  • Add a Form as an App on Teams
  • Get Notified on Teams when someone Fills out a Form

Office 365 User Training

Course Outline

Microsoft Office 365 Teams and Forms Beginners

Teams Basics

  • Sending a Message
  • The Etiquette of Conversations
  • Adding Pictures to messages
  • Adding Hyperlinks to Messages
  • Using Emoji’s
  • Using Meme’s
  • Creating a Poll
  • Getting Attention in Teams
  • Creating a Teams Announcement
  • Sending to Multiple Channels

Managing Teams

  • Adding/Removing Members of a Team
  • Changing Member Permissions
  • Changing Team Settings
  • Creating a Channel

Working with Teams Apps

  • Sharing a File
  • Version History
  • Using the Wiki
  • Adding a Tab to a Channel
  • Finding more apps for your Team

Teams Meetings

  • Scheduling a Meeting
  • Creating a Teams Online Meeting Link
  • Add a Virtual Background
  • Sharing the Screen
  • Recording a Meeting
  • Transcribing a Meeting

Microsoft Office 365 Forms

Creating Forms

  • Locating Microsoft Forms
  • Creating a Form
  • Naming a Form
  • Pinning Forms
  • Deleting Forms

Adding Form Components

  • Choice
  • Text
  • Rating
  • Date
  • Ranking
  • Likert
  • File Upload
  • Net Promoter
  • Adding Pictures to a Form

Changing Form Options

  • Changing the Form Theme
  • Altering Form Settings

Sharing your Form

  • Creating a Link to your Form
  • Creating a QR (Quick Response) Code
  • Putting your Form on Another Site
  • Emailing your Form

Form Responses

  • Handling Form Responses
  • Sharing Form Responses
  • Getting Form Results into Excel
  • Collaborating with Others

Creating a Quiz

  • Handling Correct and Incorrect Answers
  • Scoring

Adding Branching

  • Create a Basic Branching Structure
  • Adding Sections
  • Using Branching in Standard Forms
  • Incorporating Branching in Quizzes

Integrating Teams and Forms

  • Add a Form as an App on Teams
  • Get Notified on Teams when someone Fills out a Form

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Training Delivery: Live Online Instructor Led & Classroom Face to Face

Course Duration: 1 Day

Please note this course is available for private booking on a date convenient for you. 

This 1-day course is available either at your premises or at the Cambourne training venue.  If you would like to book this course, please email us, and we'll let you know the available dates.  As soon as a date has been fixed the training day will be booked. 

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