Developing Resilience

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Stress, either at work or home, is a significant factor that can negatively impact our physical and mental health. Developing our resilience skills is an effective way to support our physical and mental health, helping us to stay focused, productive, and positive.

Learning Outcomes

  • What is resilience and how does it help?
  • Understanding an integrated approach to resilience
  • Learning how to sustain real changes in behaviour
  • Understanding the importance of emotional regulation
  • Creating a personal resilience action plan  

Course Content

  • What is resilience and how does it help?

    • The link between resilience, wellbeing and stress


  • An integrated approach to resilience

    • The resilience model - mind, body, emotions, relationships and environment

    • Personal resilience snapshot


  • Understanding behaviour change - how to sustain real changes in behaviour

    • How can we make and sustain real changes in our behaviour?


  • The 5 elements of resilience

    • The Mind - how changing our thinking can improve our resilience

    • The Body - looking after our physical health through sleep, movement and eating well

    • Emotions - emotional regulation and using positive emotion

    • Relationships - connecting to our support networks

    • Environment - the impact of our home, work, and natural environment


  • Personal resilience action planning

    • Making the change and committing to action

Duration 1 day
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