Effective Feedback

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Many people find delivering constructive feedback to be a challenge, frequently declining opportunities to do so, whether from a desire to spare the person’s feelings, avoid an uncomfortable conversation, preserve their image of themselves as ‘nice,’ or save time.

This effective feedback workshop aims to give you a full range of approaches, skills and techniques to help you manage the different feedback situations you face and to give you different frameworks for having ‘constructive’ conversations.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fundamental elements of effective feedback

  • Learn how to deliver day-day feedback (positive and constructive)  

  • Know how to create the feedback culture – beginnings

  • Know how to receive feedback

  • Develop specific feedback habits

  • Be able to match three methods /processes of feedback to the situation

  • Be able manage personal bias

Programme content

Session 1 - Creating a Feedback Culture in your organisation and/or team

  • Concerns, distractions and expectations
  • Challenges giving and receiving feedback
  • Performance Management
  • Causal analysis - Motivation and Expectations
  • Introduction to the SAID model

Session 2 - Deeper conversations

  • Review session one and personal experience
  • Steps to success (increased accountability)
  • Getting your head right
    • Who’s the villain/Managing Bias
    • Adopting the growth mindset 
  • Meaningful 360-degree feedback
  • Dealing with emotions – shock cycle

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Course Details

Face to Face Course

Duration: 1 day Member Cost: £320+VAT pp
Credits: 2.1 Non-member Cost: £480+VAT pp

Online Course

Duration: 2 x half days Member Cost: £290+VAT pp
Times: 9.30am - 12.30pm Non-member Cost: £435+VAT pp
Credits: 1.9  

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