Facilitating Group Dynamics

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Facilitation covers all the skills and techniques needed to work effectively with groups to deliver effective outcomes and gain the commitment of those involved. Facilitation skills are essential whether running effective meetings, workshops, solving problems, mediating conflict or gaining consensus to a specific course of action.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the role of the facilitator and when to use facilitation
  • Understand the different approaches to facilitation
  • Be aware of the key attitudes and behaviours needed for effective facilitation
  • Have reviewed and practised the essential skills needed to facilitate effectively
  • Understand the importance of team dynamics in facilitation
  • Be familiar with the key tools and techniques that can be used in facilitation

"Great insight into how I can implement new ways of working."

Course Outline


  • What is facilitation?
  • Contracting - clarifying expectations and outcomes.

Understanding approaches to facilitation

  • Authoritative v. facilitative approaches.
  • Key attitudes and behaviours for effective facilitation.

The essential skills

  • Observation, listening and questioning in the virtual world.
  • Giving and receiving effective feedback.

Understanding group dynamics

  • Achieving the task versus group process.
  • Creating a psychologically safe online environment.

The facilitators toolkit

  • Tools & techniques to encourage participation & discussion, redress power imbalance, & encourage problem-solving & decision-making.

Applying the theory

  • Practical exercise