Managing Difficult Conversations

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As colleagues and professionals, we must all work well together, and the rewards for doing so are clear. However, it can be a struggle to make working with some people a success. This course will provide new insights and a toolkit of skills to help you manage challenging people and have difficult conversations.


By the end of the training course, you will:

  • Understand more about personality traits and behavioural flexibility
  • Know how to improve relationships and resolve conflict
  • Learn strategies to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome from difficult conversations

Thoroughly enjoyable and very good for the situation at hand

Course Content

The Distinction Between Difficult and Different

  • Understanding the communication process - my world, my way
  • Acknowledging needs, expectations, and values
  • Personality traits and preferences – different or wrong?
  • Understanding behavioural flexibility and how to do it

Managing Myself and Others

  • Self-awareness first - holding up the mirror and asking, ‘is it me’?
  • Identifying personal triggers
  • Spotting behaviours which don’t help
  • Recognising emotion, truth, and choice
  • Building rapport
  • Resolving conflict through discover-define-decide

A More Flexible Approach  

  • Maintaining a focus on long term success
  • Understanding the role of feedback, coaching and support
  • Learning how to use assertive behaviour
  • Understanding transactional analysis
  • Managing the communication flow
Duration 1 day
Member* cost pp £320+VAT
Non-member cost pp £480+VAT
Details Free parking, lunch provided

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