Motivating Yourself and Others

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This workshop provides an opportunity to explore how we can enhance our own levels of motivation, and how we can have a positive impact on the motivation of our team members, taking into account differences in personalities, attitudes, and values.

We will look at both aspects through a number of different lenses, including personal experience, historical and contemporary models of motivation, and organisational tools and processes, with a particular focus on strengths-based approaches.


By the end of the training course, you will:

  • Understand personal motivators and demotivators
  • Be more aware of intrinsic strengths and how to utilise them
  • Understand how to encourage high levels of motivation within others

Course Content


  • What is motivation?
  • Exploration of current challenges, with personal motivation and when motivating others

What Motivates You?

  • An exploration of personal strengths using the Strengthscope model
  • Is the past a good guide to the future?
  • How to harness your strengths more effectively at work
  • Reflection on personal motivations

How to Motivate Others

  • Your role in impacting and influencing others in the workplace
  • How people differ in what motivates them
  • The significance of role modelling
  • How to encourage higher levels of motivation in the people around you
  • The importance of objective setting and the provision of high-quality feedback

Models of Motivation

  • The development of thinking on motivation and new patterns of working
  • The motivational opportunities afforded by strengths-based approaches
  • The practical application of motivation models within the workplace
  • Steps to raise and maintain levels of motivation

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