Performance Assessment: An introduction


With increasing financial pressure on businesses to be “lean and lithe” it has never been more important to assess staff performance in a timely; fair and consistent manner.

Additional duties to report equality and pay gap data (for example) mean we must assess using robust processes and criteria so we can demonstrate our organisation’s commitment to the principles that underpin good performance management.


Is this workshop for me?

This workshop will suit someone who is about to acquire, or has recently taken on responsibility for the assessment of staff performance. It would also be a good skill-checker/refresher for anyone with experience in this activity.

Question: Are you confident that how you assess staff is legal; fair and free from bias/discrimination?

If you were not able to respond YES to that question without hesitation then this short session will provide you with the tools necessary to gain that confidence.


You will learn:

  • A set of key principles by which you can operate either face to face or remote performance assessment and apply this to a range of workplace settings and staff - consistently; legally, and fairly

  • The knowledge and skills to carry out assessment activities in ways that encourage an individual to perform at their best

  • The ability to identify any shortcomings with your current activities and personal practices

  • Exposure to approaches that differ from yours via the sharing of experience and ideas as a group of participants.


Course Details

Duration: 3 hours Credits: 1
Times: 9.30am - 12.30pm Member Cost: £150.00+VAT
Max Delegates: 10
Non-member Cost: £225.00+VAT

*Membership from £50+VAT per annum - join now and save on training