Time Management

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Poor time management can lead to missed deadlines, strained working relationships, and increased levels of frustration. The tools you gain in this session will help you utilise your time in the best way, for the benefit of yourself and your organisation.


By the end of this course you will:

  • Understand your own behavioural preferences in relation to time management and how to work better with people who operate differently to you
  • Know how to establish and manage priorities, both professional and personal
  • Be able to respond in a timely manner to shifting work requirements 
  • Know how to plan your time more effectively and set achievable goals

The trainer created a good environment where everyone was able to contribute and learn. I think anyone that regularly finds themselves under pressure with priority tasks or tight deadlines could benefit from this course.

Course Content

Challenges to Effective Time Management

Although time management is definitely helped by having the right tools and processes, it is also important to understand how our personal attitude to time impacts this, as well as the attitudes of people around us. This section of the programme looks at identifying your own likes and dislikes in order to understand time management challenges. Topics include:

  • Understanding personal and professional challenges
  • What makes time management hard?
  • My attitude - am I working in the way that works best for me?

Planning Time

Here we will look at some fundamental techniques that can help you to work flexibly and manage your workload in a world of shifting priorities. Topics include:

  • Planning your time more effectively and efficiently
  • Prioritising tasks
  • Maintaining a work life balance
  • When and how to delegate

Working More Efficiently

We are all aware of the old cliché, ‘don’t work harder, work smarter’. However annoying that sentence may be, it becomes ever more relevant as the range of electronic distractions, emails, smart phones, and social media platforms increase. By stopping us being fully in the moment, these things can make even simple tasks take far longer than they should. Here we will look at ways to remain focused on what needs to be done. Topics include:   

  • Setting achievable goals
  • Managing interruptions and distractions, being ‘more present’
  • Beating procrastination

I found this course very refreshing. When I set out to pursue this, I was expecting some diary management processes and tools which I thought would be good for the test team. In fact what we got was way better. The training course revolves around understanding behaviours. This includes your own behaviour and interaction with other people’s behaviours that can cause time management to be impacted by various types of distraction. There was also a good section on understanding what the difference is between important and urgent and how to manage it.

Duration 1 day
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