Working Effectively in the UK

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World leading organisations often need to pull talent from all corners of the globe. This can result in a rich and diverse mix of cultures within their offices. While many companies provide excellent relocation packages, it is also essential to ensure that fresh arrivals are offered high quality cultural training and support to help them settle into their new home and role.


By the end of this course you will:

  • Understand what motivates your British colleagues
  • Understand how and when you may need to modify your behaviour to create a positive impression
  • Learn how to interpret the behaviour you encounter
  • Be able to use a range of techniques for effective communication with the British
  • Have a toolbox of practical tips that will be immediately useful in your next encounter with your British colleagues, as well as other parts of the community

Couse Content

Knowing Yourself

  • How has your culture shaped your values and behaviour?
  • What is “normal” behaviour?
  • Why we behave in the way we do – a brief introduction to cultural awareness

Who are the British?

  • What are they like? What do they like?  What’s your opinion so far?
  • What image do the British have of you?
  • How may you need to modify your behaviour to overcome any negative or stereotypical views?

Knowing Them

  • Historical and geographical influences, political conditions, and educational structures
  • Key British values, primary belief system, characteristics of British society and the British ‘mind-set’
  • Family life, class structure, friendships, social welfare, customs, social attitudes, lgbtqia, changes between generations

Presenting Yourself

  • Showing confidence and being authoritative
  • Self-presentation
  • Dealing with authority

Challenging Situations

  • Understanding the variety of situations you face in your daily work, (including meetings, telephone calls, instructing people, giving feedback, persuading/influencing colleagues, motivating others, etc.)
  • Discussion, role-play, and individual feedback, which may include correct use of language, personal style, tone and body language

Open Discussion: What’s it really like in the UK?

  • What are your most important concerns?
  • Impact of cultural difference in lifestyle
  • The transition experience
  • Managing culture shock
  • Developing personal strategies for success
Duration 1 day
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