After near-miss attack, Hong Kong law firm turns to Darktrace AI

Darktrace, the world’s leading cyber AI company has today announced that one of Hong Kong’s largest domestic law firms, ONC Lawyers, is using its cyber AI platform to defend sensitive client information.

Established in 1992, ONC Lawyers has grown to a practice with more than 150 legal practitioners servicing an extensive number of areas ranging from banking and finance to intellectual property and technology. Due to the highly sensitive nature of the data it is charged with protecting, security is a top business priority for ONC Lawyers.

After recovering from a near-miss cyber-attack almost two years ago, ONC Lawyers recognized that the status quo of cyber defense was no longer sufficient, leading the firm to re-think its security strategy. The firm wanted a technology capable of defending against tomorrow’s unpredictable threat, whether it be machine-speed ransomware or slow and stealthy threats. ONC Lawyers turned to Darktrace for the answer, trusting in its cyber AI to identify and autonomously respond to attacks within seconds.

ONC Lawyers joins a growing number of law firms in Asia strengthening their defenses with Darktrace’s cyber AI including Australia’s Jackson McDonald and Singapore’s Shook Lin & Bok.

Ann Chung, General Manager at ONC Lawyers, commented: “Between malicious external attackers, simple system vulnerabilities, and insider threats, the reality today is that no organization is immune to cyber-attack. Darktrace’s self-learning AI is capable of identifying and responding to a wide range of threats, enabling our team to focus on strategic business growth and risk management. Armed with cyber AI, we feel strengthened in our fight for data security –we now know we are able to defend against the threats of tomorrow.”

Darktrace is the leading industry partner for The AI Summit taking place in Hong Kong this week. Dave Palmer, Director of Technology at Darktrace, will be presenting on ‘The Future Impact of AI on Cybercrime’ tomorrow, August 7, at 9:30am local time.

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