Anthias Consulting launches NEW MALDI-TOF training course

Anthias Consulting announces the launch of a new course to complement their range of training in mass spectrometry techniques.

The Absolute Basics of MALDI-TOF is an introductory course aimed at complete beginners looking to learn more about the technique and how it is used.

Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionisation time-of-flight (MALDI-TOF) is one of the most versatile mass spectrometry techniques and can be applied for the characterisation of almost any class of compounds.

The technique is used for a range of applications including proteomics, lipidomics, intact biomolecules (peptides/proteins/oligonucleotides/conjugates), synthetic polymers, nanomaterials, tissue imaging, metal complexes and organometallics and characterisation of medium-sized molecules.

The 1-day training course will outline the different types of MALDI and explain the definitions of MALDI-TOF. MALDI is usually combined with a time-of-flight (TOF) analyser and the course will detail the principles and components of the mass spectrometer. The course will look at the types of analytes and samples that can be investigated and the considerations when preparing samples for analysis. Beyond the instrumentation, the course will discuss data analysis and the sorts of answers the technique can give, across a range of applications.

The Absolute Basics of MALDI-TOF will be taught by Dr Mark Wyatt. Mark has over 20 years' experience working in analytical laboratories including as Facility Manager at the UK National Mass Spectrometry Facility (NMSF) at Swansea University. Find out more about Mark on the Anthias team page.

As well as beginners to MALDI, MALDI-TOF or Mass Spectrometry, analysts or technicians looking for a refresher in these techniques will also benefit from this training, along with technical specialists who aren't using the instruments but are using data from them or those who are responsible for the instruments or the analysts using them. In addition, service engineers and consultant engineers and those involved in the sales or marketing of these instruments, their consumables or their use for analysis - e.g. manufacturers, contract labs, media companies may wish to attend this course to gain a thorough introduction to these techniques.

Anthias Consulting offers a range of Absolute Basics courses covering a wide variety of analytical techniques, taught by experts in their fields. See the full range of Absolute Basics courses.

The Absolute Basics of MALDI-TOF will be taught live online on 9th and 10th May from 9am – 12.30pm BST each day.

Anthias' online courses take place in their Virtual Classroom offering a fully interactive experience. The instructor is streamed live through a high-definition video feed and the presentation slides are visible in the same view. Both areas can be maximised to full screen by the participants, for example, when the trainer is demonstrating instrument parts and consumables. Attendees can ask questions at any time, using their microphone or by typing into the chat box.

To find out more about the course and to book, go to

Anthias' consultants can also provide tailored training and consultancy in the techniques of MALDI-TOF and mass spectrometry, using your instrument and your data. To find out more, complete the contact form with your requirements.

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