Anthias Consulting’s training courses in sample preparation techniques CPD - approved by Royal Society of Chemistry

Anthias Consulting announces their sample preparation training courses have been approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for a period of three years.

sample preparation

The training courses provide all the essential theory of the techniques and the benefits of using them in your sample analysis, along with hands-on elements to gain practical experience in using the techniques.

The Hands-on Sample Preparation course teaches how to use eight independent sample preparation techniques for GC-MS and LC-MS in great detail, covering Liquid-Liquid Extraction (LLE), Derivatisation, Solid-Phase Extraction (SPE), Solid-Phase Micro-Extraction (SPME), Headspace, Purge-and-Trap (P&T), Thermal Desorption (TD) and Pyrolysis (Py). 

Approval from the Royal Society of Chemistry for CPD involves peer review of the technical content and assessment of the course materials to set criteria by an expert in their field. The approval underlines the high quality of the training material along with the robust process for the continual appraisal and improvement of the course from feedback from attendees.

The Hands-on courses teach the theory for each sample preparation technique combined with practical exercises, using this knowledge to create methods, analyse samples and experiment with parameters. Each course can be attended as an individual day, or courses combined to suit the specific needs of the analyst.

The face-to-face training courses take place at Anthias’ training facility hosted by the School of Physical Sciences at The Open University, offering a suite of sample preparation instrumentation from multiple manufacturers. The sample preparation courses are vendor-neutral, teaching all the steps and processes of the techniques, which can be applied to any make and model of instrumentation. The training facility provides an opportunity for analysts to learn and apply the knowledge, gain practical experience and build their skills under the guidance of an expert. 

Anthias Consulting are returning to face-to-face training at The Open University this summer, with their first Hands-on GC & GC-MS course since the start of the pandemic taking place in July. The team will also be scheduling dates for their sample preparation courses, to register your interest contact the team at and subscribe to Anthias’ newsletters to be the first to hear when dates are announced. In the meantime, Anthias trainers can teach these techniques onsite using your instrumentation – get in touch to find out more.

Anthias Consulting introduced online virtual classroom training early on in the Covid-19 pandemic. Two years on, the virtual training has continued to be very successful and is still a very popular way for delegates to attend classroom-based training courses. Anthias offers the Practical Essentials of Sample Preparation as a virtual classroom course, with individual training modules covering each of the 8 individual techniques.

These bitesize learning modules are ideal for those who wish to learn the theory of a new sample preparation technique and all the advantages and disadvantages, perhaps before implementing new techniques or purchasing new instrumentation, or would like to learn in detail the types of samples which can be analysed and the considerations for sample preparation. These online courses have been very well received over the past two years, with excellent feedback on the degree of practicality for an online course, with parts and consumables shown and explained by the instructor. Anthias are continuing to run their sample preparation courses online this year, with upcoming dates scheduled in July and August – view dates and book.

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