Iain Dendle joins Cambrionix as Chief Revenue Officer

Iain Dendle joins Cambrionix as Chief Revenue Officer

Iain Dendle - CRO of Cambrionix

Iain Dendle joins Cambrionix as Chief Revenue Officer

Following Foresight’s multi-million equity investment, Cambrionix are thrilled to announce Iain Dendle as their new Chief Revenue Officer. Iain joins Cambrionix from Audio Analytic, where his role as VP of Sales and Business Development, involved transforming the company sales strategy, processes and growth, leading to a successful exit to Meta in October 2022. 

Iain has over 25 years of experience in sales and business development related roles within the tech industry. He has been part of three major tech launches: Motorola RAZR, Shazam and Alexa, and two successful tech start-up exits to big tech organisations. 

Iain Dendle, CRO Cambrionix

“I’m relishing the opportunity to help build a world class sales function at Cambrionix, to grow the company’s big tech customer relationships and develop new markets for our truly unique hardware and software products.”

Iain spent five years at Amazon where he built and lead the EU Devices Business Development team, focusing on Echo device partnerships with major Energy, Telecom and Insurance partners. He also spent eight years at Shazam, leading mobile business development and helped scale the business from 50 to 300 staff, delivering over a 1 billion app downloads, leading to the company’s acquisition by Apple. 

You can read more about Iain here.

About Cambrionix

Cambrionix is the leading provider of intelligent USB hubs for mass mobile device management. Cambrionix’s range of USB hubs, software and tools, support many of the world’s biggest businesses to succeed across a range of industries including hardware and software development, technology, logistics, education, healthcare and retail. 

You can click to find out more about Cambrionix’s USB hubs here and the Cambrionix Connect software here. 

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