ILS technology enables commercial hydroponics

Advances in LED technology are enabling 'urban farming' - farming that uses less space, less pesticides, less energy and has minimal transport requirements.

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LED specialist, Intelligent LED Solutions (ILS), has announced that it has further expanded its range of hydroponic lighting solutions.

Following the success of its Petunia hydroponics lighting kit, which promotes growth in all plants, the company has recently launched new versions of the Petunia lighting solution, which target specific types of plants or growth, by bringing into play new technologies and more recent understanding.  These include a lighting solution for seedlings, another for vegetative growth and a third solution for high efficiency growth.

"Hydroponics has a huge potential and is gaining momentum each month," said Adrian Amor, Director at ILS. "Recent advances in LED technology is enabling 'urban farming'; farming that uses less space, less pesticides, less energy and has minimal transport requirements. The result is healthy products and a low carbon footprint." 

Horticultural research has established that radiation at some relatively narrow spectral bands can optimize chlorophyll absorption in plants that in turn drives the photosynthesis process critical to plant growth.  Each plant needs its own tailored Spectral Power Distribution to achieve the best results, but two basic colours will give a very good starting point; Hyper Red with a 660nm wavelength and Deep Blue with a 450nm wavelength. These colours can significantly stimulate plant growth while drastically reducing energy consumption through the use of targeted lighting.

"Our new targeted solution has been possible due to the introduction of Far Red (730 nm)," said Adrian Amor. "Together, with Deep Blue and Hyper Red these LEDs can provide the perfect lighting for all types of plants and flowers, allowing us to adapt the light exactly to the needs of various crops."

Intelligent LED Solutions is a specialist supplier of LED technology, offering a high level of technical skill, professionalism and commercial understanding to those industries that are or will be using LED technologies. Intelligent LED Solutions supply a wide range of European and overseas OEM manufacturers.

About Intelligent LED Solutions
ILS is a division of Intelligent Group Solutions Ltd (IGS) a well-established and respected industry leading display and opto-electronics solutions provider. Much of IGS’ business comes from providing semi-custom or custom products both in component and sub-assembly form.

ILS/IGS is a privately owned company and the owners are fully involved in the running of the business. All the senior staff have been involved with the opto-electronics industry for at least 15 years and are dedicated to ensuring that ILS is an innovative and highly successful operation.



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