Latest analytical training calendar from Anthias Consulting - now available

Anthias Consulting's latest scheduled training calendar for courses May – August 2022 is now available.

Anthias Consulting's latest scheduled Virtual Classroom training course calendar is now available for May - August 2022 View the calendar.

Anthias Consulting are continuing to run their live virtual classroom courses alongside dates for face-to-face courses. Courses are available for all experience levels, covering a range of techniques including gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, sample preparation, techniques used in the analysis of physical and structural properties of molecules, spectroscopy, methods and statistical analysis.

Anthias has successfully run their face-to-face Hands-on Complete HPLC & LC-MS course last week, 21st - 25th March, their first return to face-to-face training courses since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. The team are now working with their other training venues to plan dates for further courses, so watch this space for upcoming dates!

Anthias are pleased to announce they are offering a NEW course - the Absolute Basics of MALDI-TOF taught by Dr Mark Wyatt. Read the course description and book now for this 1-day course taking place on 9 - 10 May.

All scheduled courses can be booked online – see all upcoming dates.

The Complete HPLC & LC-MS and Complete GC & GC-MS training courses are modular, and delegates can choose to attend individual modules of a course to focus on a particular area as well as attending a partial or the full course.

Virtual classroom courses - a fully interactive experience

On the live virtual classroom training courses, delegates can ask questions at any time and have them answered in real time before moving on to the next topic or slide, making the training highly interactive. Questions can be asked by microphone or by typing into the Q&A box or chat feed.

Anthias has had highly positive feedback on the layout and interactivity of their virtual classroom:

"The structure, being able to access the powerpoint, the presenter, having examples of the equipment to see."

"The Adobe Connect is very clear and good to deliver online training in terms of the sound and seeing the instructor as well as viewing the content of the course material."

"Just to say that the Adobe Connect platform generally worked well, good to see the countdown timer for breaks, great to be able to ask questions in various ways, without interrupting the flow of the delivery (verbally, hand raising/typing etc)."

"It was much more engaging. Seeing examples of parts of instruments was really useful and the interactive chromatogram troubleshooting was really useful."

If you cannot make the date for your chosen course or if you need the training sooner than the next scheduled date, our online courses are available On-demand for maximum convenience – see our full list of On-demand courses.

Training can also be delivered in-house and fully tailored to meet the needs and experience level of your team. This can be fully online; or through a blended learning programme combining online virtual classroom training followed by onsite training on your instrumentation and methods in your laboratory. To find out more, contact the team at Anthias at

View all upcoming course dates and book online.

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