Lightcast has arrived on Instagram!

Check out our new insta page for a snapshot of #LifeatLightcastFollow Lightcast on their journey:

The Lightcast says:

We've arrived on Instagram, and we're so happy to be here!  Follow us on our journey:

We're Lightcast Discovery, a biotech startup based in the heart of Cambridgeshire and on the edge of Silicon Fen.

Although we're a start-up among friends (with over 100 biotech startups in Cambridge alone), the platform we're working with is truly, one of a kind.

Despite being in low profile mode, we've arrived on Instagram as we believe it's important for the world to see the talented people behind the work that's going on here at Lightcast.

As a rapidly growing start-up with a mission to push the boundaries of complex cell analysis, we're destined to do remarkable things, but we need more hands-on-deck to get there.

If you'd like to #JointheCast, check out our current openings:

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