Marshall extends contract with Lockheed Martin for C-130J cockpit trim panel kits

LM Panel kits

Marshall has received a £11m extension to its longstanding contract with Lockheed Martin to manufacture and
supply cockpit trim panels for the C-130J Super Hercules airlifter.

Since 1996, Marshall has manufactured more than 1,000 cockpit trim panel kits—including panel and reveal kits
in addition to escape hatch and cover kits—for installation into every C-130J produced by Lockheed Martin.
The panels are manufactured from phenolic glass fibre sandwich structures with a Nomex honeycomb core,
followed by finishing operations such as painting, electrical assembly and integration. These are provided to
Lockheed Martin’s production facility in Marietta, Georgia, as lineside kits of plug and play parts.

Carl Morse, Managing Director of Advanced Composites for Marshall, commented, “This fresh commitment from Lockheed Martin demonstrates the confidence our customers have in our stellar record for on-time delivery and quality of production.

“We are incredibly proud of the fact that our kits are part of every C-130J aircraft currently supporting fleet operators around the world.”

“Lockheed Martin and Marshall have a long-standing relationship, rooted in the Super Hercules global fleet,” said
Tom Baxter, director of Supply Chain for Lockheed Martin’s Air Mobility & Maritime Missions line of business.
“This contract provides us all with the opportunity to expand our pivotal partnership while supporting the
worldwide C-130J operator community.”

Commitments for deliveries of cockpit trim panel kits to Lockheed Martin will extend from 2025 through to the
end of 2029.

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