Mental Health Awareness Week at Prior Scientific

Prior Scientific supporting mental health awareness week

Mental Health Awareness Week has been in the media a lot this week, and it's great when you see companies helping to break down the stigma attached. This week Prior Scientific introduced two new mental health first aider into its workforce to help look after the wellbeing of its people.

Mental health can affect people in many different ways and impact others around them, and it is becoming more socially acceptable to talk about the issues that are affecting people’s mental health. But unfortunately there is also a stigma still attached to mental health, seen inside and outside the workplace, where colleagues and friends might not find it easy to speak about. Spending most of our days and weeks at work it is important that we promote good mental health in the workplace, as this can give people the opportunity to open up and speak with people around them should they need to.

Recently at Prior Scientific, two members of staff, David Marshall  and Amanda Cox, attended a two-day Adult Mental Health First Aid training course, run by The Bridge First Aid to become a mental health first aider. The course has now given these members of staff the skills needed to identify or signpost a mental health concern, to know when and how to respond, even in a crisis, or potentially stop a crisis from happening, whilst increasing awareness of their own mental health and their legal obligations.

On finishing the course David Marshall – Marketing Manager said: “The course has really opened my eyes up to how we need to take the time to address not just our own mental health but the mental health of others around us, just by taking a small amount of time out can have such a positive impact on our state of mind”.

Going forward Prior will now look to improve the mental health in the work place for its staff not just in the UK but around the globe by promoting good mental health at work and helping to break down the stigma attached to mental health.

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