New event launches - Achieving Net Zero: a toolkit for businesses

Join us for an event on November 8 at St John's Innovation Centre that will help your business achieve its Net Zero ambitions.

Net Zero event November 8

To achieve Net Zero in the UK, thousands of businesses and millions of individuals need to change the way they do things every day. Innovate UK EDGE has partnered with sustainability innovators Greenr to give your company a toolkit of practical strategies that will launch you on your Net Zero journey.

Find out how action on sustainability can enhance your reputation, boost employee satisfaction and help with recruitment and retention. Turn your Net Zero ambitions into practical actions and get results!

Join us for the exclusive opportunity to measure your company’s carbon footprint with Greenr and learn from their sustainability team.

You will learn how to:

  • measure your company’s environmental impact
  • implement practical strategies for reducing emissions
  • discover the compelling business case for prioritising green initiatives
  • explore the ever-evolving landscape of sustainability laws and regulations in the UK and the EU that are vital to your business

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