Praise for Peterborough’s first AI Summit

AI Summit in Peterborough

ARU Peterborough played host to the city’s first ever AI Summit which explored the burgeoning technology’s impact on business, careers and people’s lives.

From tools like ChatGPT to Bing AI, to the chatbots people interact with daily, the march of AI in people’s everyday lives continues.

Supported by the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority, there were a range of panels and discussions, with speakers including those using AI in business, tech experts and academics from the university.

The event aimed to help people and businesses to better understand the opportunities and challenges with AI, and to give them practical ideas and advice to take away. The event catered to a wide range of audiences, from tech businesses and entrepreneurs already using AI, through to those who have heard of the technology but did not know where to start.

Thought-provoking discussions at the event on June 6 included how AI is disrupting the world of work and how it is changing people’s lives. The event finished with networking.

Visitors praised the event for its insights and were keen to see a follow up summit.

One of the event organisers and speakers, Giancarlo Erra, said: “It’s been a pleasure to host the first AI Summit in Peterborough, which was held at a fantastic location and with a very engaged and knowledgeable audience.

“We believe AI comes with opportunities and risks, and that power is in giving a better chance for the public to understand it without being technical and reflect together on all its implications.

“We’re looking forward to organising a second one in Peterborough to dive deeper and expand on all the topics covered in the first one, from what it is to how it is used and how it will impact our society and work.”

Chair of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Business Board, Al Kingsley, said: “AI is a transformational technology and we are already seeing its impact in every sphere of life. As with any new technology, it’s important for people and businesses to keep up to speed with the opportunities and challenges that come with any change. So I’m pleased the Combined Authority was able to support this welcome addition to Peterborough’s events calendar, as part of our wider role in helping people and businesses keep up to speed in a fast-changing world.”

Dr Tom Williamson, Assistant Principal of ARU Peterborough, said: “Learning to harness the power of AI is becoming increasingly essential, as it will soon be playing a key role in almost every aspect of our home and professional lives.

“Our students are already acquiring the skills to use AI for the benefit of their future careers, and the success of this event we hosted at ARU Peterborough highlights the growing interest in AI amongst businesses and the local public.”

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