Redundancy: A Golden-Ticket Opportunity

Providing support and strategies for individuals whose roles were made redundant in the Biopharma, Medical Devices, and Health Tech industries

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Cambridge - CONEXEN (Connect, Exchange, Engage) is set to host a transformative workshop, "Redundancy: A Golden-Ticket Opportunity" on December 13th, 2023, at 5:30 pm at Gonville Hotel in Cambridge City Centre. Simultaneously, an online session will be held on Monday, December 18th, at 1:00 pm for those that cannot attend in person. The initiative comes in response to the alarming surge in redundancies and company restructures in the biopharma, medical devices, and health tech sectors over the last eight months.

With the spectre of layoffs looming and the holiday season approaching, CONEXEN recognizes the array of emotions that individuals whose roles were made redundant (or about to) may experience. As a community-driven organization, CONEXEN aims to bridge this gap by providing a supportive space for individuals seeking new opportunities.

The workshop, developed by Helen Blight Consulting, prominent coaching, and organisational development firm with first-hand experience in supporting individuals and organisations during restructures and redundancy processes, aligns with CONEXEN's commitment to radical generosity. The face-to-face session will feature expert coaches guiding the discussion, offering practical tips, strategies, and insights not typically shared by employers. Attendees will have the chance to hear success stories and experiences from those who have navigated similar challenges, and to share their own experiences.

Following the workshop on the 13th December, CONEXEN will host its final networking event of 2023 at 6:30 pm, encouraging attendees to continue developing their networks and exploring opportunities within the industry.

Professionals with roles at risk of redundancy or those actively seeking new roles are urged to register for this free workshop. While entry is free, a small, suggested donation supports this valuable initiative.

As we close 2023, CONEXEN aims to equip participants with the right tools and mindset to secure their next role, fostering a sense of community, support, and collaboration within the industry.

To register to either session, please visit For more information, please contact

About CONEXEN (Connect – Exchange – Engage):
Winners of the 2023 Silver Award for the Best Networking Group of the Year by Cambridge Independent newspaper, CONEXEN is a community of professionals spanning various disciplines and corporate cultures, dedicated to relationship and community building across all career stages. Open to individuals in pharma, life sciences, medical devices, health tech, non-profits, research foundations, academic institutions, as well as members of angel, seed, or venture capital financing institutions, and BioPharma covering media. The organization focuses on fostering effective leads, opportunity building, and resource sharing through casual and fun happy hour events held every eight weeks in Cambridge City Centre and London. Learn more:

About Helen Blight Consulting
Led by passionate coach Helen Blight, we are a trusted partner for individuals and organisations. Specializing in empowering clients and organisations of all sizes, the company facilitates powerful changes, instilling confidence to embrace options and realize full potential. From navigating personal transitions to addressing organizational learning and development, Helen Blight Consulting offers expert support. Services include individual coaching, executive guidance, and outplacement workshops. Learn more:

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