Snakes and Ladders - navigating your investment journey

A workshop for tech founders and directors who are new to the investment journey.

investment workshop in Cambridge

Launching a Seed or Series A funding round is a big moment for any SME. How do you make an attractive offer to investors without giving away the family silver? How can you retain the right level of control in your company? What deals can you negotiate with investors that don’t tie your hands for future investment rounds? How does a founder who's new to the investment journey avoid the pitfalls?

Corporate and tech lawyer Phil Robinson from Withers Worldwide, will lead this workshop for founders and directors, sharing expertise gleaned from a long career in advising on venture capital deals, acquisitions, disposals and founder exits. Along with expert advice from tech team colleagues at Withers Worldwide, Phil will help founders avoid the investment ‘snakes’ and successfully climb the ‘ladders’.

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