The splendour of visual storytelling

Have you heard of visual storytelling, but not sure what it is, how it’s done, or how you can use it? This blog has the answers…

I’ve been filming a video in the beautiful Ashdown Forest, legendary home of Winnie-the-Pooh.

The film is for the Forest authority's website, and designed to tell the story of the area, the people who live there, and the environment…

Which required the art of visual storytelling, hence this blog.


Visual storytelling, for all the fancy name, is really just a journey through a location.

So, where to start?

The answer is as though you've just arrived at your destination.

Traditionally, that means a wide-open panoramic type view, the sort that sets the scene:

Panoramic view of Ashdown Forest

Following that, you venture deeper into your location and look for some interesting details.

And as visual as possible, like in the lovely woodlands of the forest:

Bluebells in woodland

Don’t forget to pick out any important points you want to make.

In our case, celebrating Winnie-the-Pooh:

Plaque celebrating Winnie the Pooh

Keep an eye out for any quirks which might be a part of your story, preferably the sort that bring a smile:

Sign with a Pooh quote about today being his favourite day

Never forget the human element, as people relate to people...

Which is why I liked this picture so much:Picnicking in the forestRemember to really explore as well.

You can make some lovely discoveries if you wander free:Stream in woodlandFinally, it’s quite standard to sign off your visual story with another wide and panoramic view.

So the end reflects the beginning, in true storytelling style:

Panoramic view of heathland

And that should be it, the secrets of visual storytelling demystified!

Not so difficult as it sounds, eh?


And why bother with it?

   - Because visual storytelling is a great trick for your communications toolbox


It can really engage an audience, and make them remember you and your message far more powerfully than mere words.

As I hoped our journey here has, through the wonderful Ashdown Forest.

Looking for something specific?