Winter woollies’ result in wonderful donation!

Stuart Kirbyshire of Intertek contacted us before Christmas to share news of a fundraiser they were holding on our behalf.

Stuart said ‘Our Christmas jumper day is one of our annual highlights at Intertek, and always brings plenty of smiles around our laboratory.  I even spent the day dressed as Father Christmas last year, which was an experience.  We usually have plenty of games and raffles, and are always well supported by our CEO and management. 
Until 18 months ago, the company were known as Melbourn Scientific Ltd and they were an independent contract testing and manufacturing laboratory, specialising in testing and developing inhaled as well as tablet, parenteral and topical pharmaceutical products.  Last July, Melbourn Scientific Ltd were acquired by Intertek, a specialist testing company who have helped develop and expand our company whilst still maintaining our expertise in our field.  Throughout this transition, the organisation have kept their charity ethic with three to four charity days a year raising money for local charities, on top of numerous individual fund raising projects which are always supported by the company.
This year’s Christmas jumper day raised a terrific £224.30 for the charity and will enable us to fund more than seven counselling sessions, a service much valued by our patients and the family member who face the difficult loss of their loved one. 
Donna Talbot said ‘ We are absolutely delighted to benefit from the support of Intertek. It is great to see company having fun whilst raising money for our charity. We love working with local businesses and whilst we hope, the staff at Intertek never personally require our services, we hope they take great comfort in knowing we are here helping people in their community.’  

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