Recruiters spend just 6 seconds looking at each CV they receive


Is your CV making a lasting first impression? Research has found that recruiters and hiring managers spend on average just six seconds looking at each CV they receive. That’s very little time for a candidate to impress!

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Job seekers often overlook the key to an effective CV. Caught up in their job search, candidates spend more time trawling the internet for job opportunities and less ensuring that their CV is in perfect shape before they send off their applications. 

Time is precious, so why waste it sending off a CV that won’t catch the recruiter’s eye? 

Katherine Wiid, Career Management Coach at Career Ambitions says: “Most CVs fall into two categories, either too simplistic, using vague big-picture phrases such as ‘strategy’ and ‘initiative’, or over-complicated, detailing their whole career story. A recruiter is looking for two things: the challenges a candidate has faced, and how they’ve been overcome. If your CV doesn’t clearly outline these, then it won’t get more than six seconds of the reader’s attention.” 

On average, 250 CVs are received for every job that is advertised online (according to an infographic from BeHiring). Sometimes it’s far more! Competition in the job market is stiff. Don’t wait until you receive a pile of rejections – which are bound to damage your morale and stall your job search – before you do something to increase your chances. 

Before you send off your next job application, dedicate a little time to ensure that your CV is going to make a great first impression. 

Ask yourself: 

  • Is my CV formatted correctly?
  • Are there any grammatical or spelling mistakes?
  • Am I overusing the big-picture words?
  • Have I included clear and concise examples of challenges faced?
  • Is each challenge accompanied by the outcome achieved?  
  • Have I highlighted my transferable skills?
  • Am I demonstrating how I can add value to an organisation?
  • Will this CV hold a recruiter/hiring manager’s attention for more than six seconds?

 If you’re unsure how to improve your CV and make a lasting first impression, join the Career Ambitions Club. With access to heaps of tips, advice, and a Step By Step Guide to Writing a Powerful CV it won’t be long before you secure your dream role!


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