Case studies - an important part of the development pathway

By eg technologyCase studies. A very dry, unengaging term describing the very life blood of your business – actual, contextual examples of your expertise. They really should have a more engaging name!

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Any business can claim on their website that they are experts in their field and list a million reasons why, but there is no better way of communicating expertise than showing examples of how your team has provided a real solution to an actual problem.

So, we are in the process of updating the ‘case studies’ on our website. We are lucky, at eg, to have a team of brilliant engineers, project managers and all-round experts who create an array of brilliant solutions. We focus on achieving optimal results for our clients and the processes by which we get to the end product are entirely embedded in the way we operate. However, this goal orientated approach sometimes means we are too modest in communicating the challenges and expertise involved in the actual design journey the product has taken. But this is going to change slightly. Don’t worry, our general ethos and client process will remain as ‘eg’ as ever, but going forward we not only want to show you the results of our hard work, but also, how we got there.

But why is that so important? Well, because each project is different.

Every person who comes to eg will have a slightly different product spec and required outcome, so the approach our engineers take, the ideas they put forward and the solution our team provides will also be different. When researching whether eg are the right team to engineer their product, people want to see examples which resonate; where the initial problem is similar and the solution provided is successful. This is hard to detail in a ‘what we do’ page, as the umbrella service offering is made up of intricate specialisms which are often project specific. For example, the main capability employed for a certain project may be electronic engineering, but a full case study of that project allows us to be more granular in disclosing the individual specialisms and clever applications used by our engineers (such as image processing, display driving or connectivity solutions, such as Sigfox), within a practical scenario. We can show you visuals and exploded views, to further explain levels of complexity within our solutions and share how we have navigated the development pathway to turn clinical research in to usable medical devices. We can explain the prototyping process and offer insight into navigating regulations in a practical situation.

These individual examples of previous projects where capabilities, skillsets and most importantly, expertise are communicated in detail should also be extremely useful in showing you that you are in safe hands! We understand that our clients entrust their products to us and each project we do is viewed holistically and managed with an integrated, end-to-end development approach. We therefore work collaboratively; listening and communicating continuously as we share project updates, product ideas, potential risks and limitations. This open and honest relationship with our clients means that having a good cultural fit between our teams is extremely important to us. We are open about our levels of expertise and are honest with our clients about our capabilities. We want to provide the best possible end result and concise route to market.

The solutions we provide are dynamic and often cross-discipline; they involve complex scenarios, innovation and top-level problem solving. But most importantly, each solution and design is bespoke to the problem and the project we are dealing with. With expertise in industrial design, software, electronics and mechanical engineering, quality assurance and human factors, all under one roof, at our clients’ disposal, we are in a great position to be able to take a product from start to finish. We can shoehorn our service offering in to four main categories (software, electronics, mechanical, industrial) for ease of communication, but this sells us short. We certainly do not work in silos. Each programme is fully managed by one of our project managers, who will work with our client to minimise risk, manage time and cost and enable us to deliver the project in the most efficient and innovative manner. This is what we would like to show you, on a case by case basis.

So, watch closely as we share more about the intricacies of what we do; how our engineers apply cutting edge technology, how we operate fully within the frameworks set out by the required standards and most importantly, what the journey and process we take to get to the end result looks like. And, maybe in the future I will come up with a better, more engaging term than ‘case studies’, but for now, I think it is here to stay. 

*Please note that all case studies are published with the approval of the client. eg technology will never publish material that has not been pre-approved or contravenes any NDAs in place.


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