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eg technology is a product design, engineering and development specialist based in Cambridge, UK. We provide an integrated solution for innovators requiring the expertise to bridge the gap between their idea and a market-ready product.

 eg works with organisations, from start up to blue-chip, to deliver inspiring, marketable and industry-transforming products across MedTech, Lab/BioTech, VetCare, CleanTech, AgriTech, Consumer and Food/Drink Sectors.

Specialising in electronics and software engineering, industrial and mechanical design, human factors, project management, technical due diligence and regulatory compliance, we know how to solve technical challenges and make things work.

Our team of engineers have amazing problem-solving skills that enable us to achieve the remarkable, by taking clever ideas and, using the right technology, turn them into real, working products. We put a complete, proven product development process at our clients’ disposal and provide them with the experience, people and systems necessary to take new products from concept through to transfer to manufacture. 

eg technology is ISO 13485 accredited.
Rigorous quality management is at the centre of everything we do, providing our clients with the compliance to standards for safety, quality, risk management and traceability.

Industrial Design | Mechanical | Human factors | Electronic and Software Engineering | Project Management | Quality Assurance.

Working with eg technology has significantly increased our work efficiency, both now and in the future. We were able to describe our application and trust the team at eg to define specifications, develop concepts, and deliver a prototype. This allowed our team to focus on our own areas of strength. The delivered instrument is able to adapt to new protocols and continues to increase the efficiency of our work through the automation that it provides.

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Products and services

Technical Due Diligence
Leverage our expertise

Are you a start-up, an investor looking to invest in a start-up or an established organisation looking to venture into a new market? Could you benefit from support in reviewing your product development roadmap? Why not leverage our expertise in developing market-ready products by taking advantage of our technical due diligence service?

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Usability & Human Factors
Create market-ready products that perform well and are safe and easy to use by meeting technical requirements and placing the user and their experience at the centre of your design.

User-centric development, optimised route to market

User-centred design is fundamental to the success of product development projects and primary research with your end-users should be incorporated early in the process and revised throughout.

Our engineers and designers have decades of experience in various sectors. Their technical skills and understanding of applying user-centric methodologies in the development process will help ensure that you accelerate time to market, minimise risk, and keep greater control over costs.

Products that meet user requirements and industry regulations

User-centred design helps to identify what people might want from a finished product and how they could interact with it. It includes gathering input from end users and industry experts, competitor research, and a review of the relevant regulatory requirements, to create a specification that’s the perfect fit for the product, user, and environment.

By incorporating this understanding into your product design and development programme, we can help you create products that meet stakeholder expectations, user requirements, and industry regulations.

After more than 20 years of creating products, we are well-versed in integrating human factors into development programmes, not only to improve their efficiency but also to meet the submission requirements for technical files.

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Project Management
Through our robust, collaborative and agile process, we’ll drive the success of your project – and your product.

Removing uncertainty from your project

Designing and developing any product is a lengthy, complex, and often costly process. Running the programme yourself presents many challenges – from managing the scope to scheduling individual engineers – especially if you lack the in-house knowledge, expertise or resources.

That’s why businesses of all sizes and from various sectors depend on us to take their products from concept to transfer to manufacture.

With over thirty years of combined experience, our project management team is adept at managing multiple stakeholders, processes and suppliers. They take the stress and uncertainty out of programme delivery whilst doing everything they can to keep projects on time and within budget.

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Mechanical Engineering

Create working solutions to unique, complex mechanical challenges with an optimised route to market.

Our expert team has broad experience in designing intricate mechanisms, microfluidic systems, dynamic systems, and thermal management, through to complete laboratory instruments, consumer products and production and process equipment. They conduct numerical and virtual simulation, empirical analysis, and frequent prototyping and testing.

As a result, we develop fully operational solutions that help you overcome design challenges so that you can build products cost-effectively and release them to market quickly.

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Industrial Design

Create products that seamlessly blend usability with functionality to delight users, perform brilliantly, and help secure investment and generate market share.

Organisations rely on our industrial design specialists to transform amazing ideas into beautiful designs that people love to use. Our dedicated team engineers captivating, functional and user-centric product designs by focusing on the things that matter from day one, including usability, appearance, product format, cost, assembly methodology and design for manufacture.

Start-ups and established brands count on the multi-sector and cross-disciplinary experience of our industrial designers to maximise the chance of their product being a success by creating a design that perfectly meets the brief – regardless of the stage they are at.

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Software Engineering

Drive innovation and create robust, reliable, cutting-edge software applications that bring your products to life.

Software engineering is central to many product design programmes. But creating quality software and meeting compliance requirements, whilst working within time and budget constraints is a huge challenge – especially if you lack the in-house skills, resources, or tools.

Companies of every size call on us to help create high-quality software using our broad experience in multiple sectors. We specialise in embedded software and have deep expertise in application development.

This includes helping you comply with safety standards such as IEC 62304 and IEC 82304 using industry standard development practises including, continuous integration and continuous delivery, plus extensive user and product testing. We also rewrite and refactor applications, develop and validate software architecture, deliver algorithm support, and bring expertise in human factors, usability and user-centred design for UIs.

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Electronics Engineering

Develop products with robust electronic systems that meet requirements – while avoiding costly redesigns.

Our electronics engineering team has a wealth of experience from system-level specifications to detailed component-level circuit design and uses established tools and methodologies to create robust electronic designs. 

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