How to run remote work experience: learning points from Sookio's bootcamp

By Sue Keogh, founder and CEO of SookioThe team at Cambridge Network was impressed by Sookio’s remote work experience opportunity for early-career marketeers, and would encourage other companies to think about offering something similar to people finding it hard to gain experience during the pandemic. 

Sookio's work experience students on Zoom

Here Sue provides some useful advice:

As a student, it can be hard to find work experience in marketing. As a business owner with a team working remotely due to coronavirus disruption, it can be hard to organise!

But we like a challenge, so at extreme short notice we conjured up a week of remote work experience for graduates at our marketing agency in Cambridge.

Seventeen Zoom calls, eight creative briefs and four training sessions later, I’m proud to say we pulled it off and gave a group of 20 students valuable real-world experience that will help kickstart their careers in marketing.

So what did we learn?

17 tips for running remote work experience

  • Set clear objectives

  • Define who’s in (and who’s out!)

  • Conquer the paperwork

  • Clear the diary!

  • Tell people what to expect

  • Share essential information

  • Set the scene

  • Break the ice

  • Plan for Zoom fatigue

  • Online and offline activities

  • Create a read-watch-listen list

  • Set people up to win

  • Mix up the formats

  • Tangible portfolio content

  • Ask for feedback

  • Say thank you

  • Write a blog post

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Find out more!

Sue is talking at Digital Leaders Week this Friday (16 October at 11am) about her initiative:
Agency Bootcamp: Steal our ideas from running a week of remote work experience