Simon Hall's Coronavirus Photo Diary: Week two

By Simon HallThe second part of my photodiaries of the impact of coronavirus in and around Cambridge...

Monday 23rd March brought the news of the full lockdown, and so the next day, Tuesday 24th March...

That's normally a busy path between parts of the city centre, but now...


And this is the way the bustling modern city of Cambridge continued to look, even the very heart, tourist honeypot of King's Parade.

This, above, was Thursday, 26th March, for me the saddest day of the crisis so far.

I walked through Cambridge for my one permitted stretch of exercise, and wished I hadn't. 

The city had lost its sound, its voice, its people. In a word, its soul, built of 800 years of history. 

The sense of loneliness and gloom was only enhanced when I popped into a shop to pick up some essentials and...

Not only were the people gone but the produce too, swept up in a storm of panic buying and stockpiling.


Come Friday 27th, I forced myself back into some form of life, because, luckily, I've never been one for self pity. 

I've taken the advice and tried a new hobby - bought myself a professional camera and...

You can usually rely on nature, and her wonderful spectacles, to cheer you up. 

Learning about photography, and admiring the natural world, really is a powerful combination to support the mood - thankfully.

It sure is needed right now.


I made these new friends on a walk on Saturday 28th - the parks are now so quiet that much of nature is settling in nicely.

I also saw several squirrels, a jay, lots of starlings, blackbirds, sparrows and a heron flying overhead. 

Ok, in context, with the awful vengeance that coronavirus is wreaking, it's not a great deal to hang on to in these troubled times.

But it is something. 

And the way things feel right now, that means a lot.