Cambridge-based firm offering tax, legal, accountancy & financial advice.

The only firm in Cambridge which is able to offer a multi-disciplinary team to deliver imaginative solutions for businesses and individuals.

Corporate, business and personal clients in the UK and around the world since 1990. Online Accounting Service accessible 24 hours a day. Strong international tax skills including US tax returns. Satellite office in Australia.

Why would you choose us?

Tax Advice
When you have a tax problem and want to know the best answer. We specialise in imaginative solutions that meet your particular needs. We combine our expertise as tax advisers accountants, solicitor and financial planner to help you minimise the impact of taxation on you or your business - without resorting to tactics which will put you at risk of investigation.

Personal Tax returns
We can help you prepare your annual return. You get the reassurance that you have taken steps to have everything checked properly and the comfort that you have not paid more tax than you need to.

Small business team
Our team of Chartered & Chartered Certified Accountants deliver an efficient cost effective service to look after your business finances so you can relax and concentrate on building your business. The close integration of our tax and accounting experts means that you get a far better service. Our tax experts and in-house solicitor are always on hand to offer advice on difficult issues. Since they are in the office - the cost is significantly lower than going to a separate firm.

Larger business team
We work with a couple of Registered Auditors to provide a service which replicates the range of expertise offered by the mid-sized accounting practices but keeps the audit independent of the tax, legal and business advice.

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