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Making energy visible: in home, online and mobile.

geo is a consumer engagement company which designs and produces in-home energy and water displays, online services and mobile applications that engage with consumers. We enable utility suppliers, meter manufacturers and installers to strengthen the relationship with their customers by putting them in control of their energy and water consumption and budgets in a visual, informative and engaging way. Our products and services work together with pre-smart and smart meters and even with microgeneration, making an efficient home possible.


Products and services


Flexibility, control and efficiency for the home

Come home to Cosy is aimed at busy people who want simple high-tech answers that suit their lifestyle. Because no matter how busy we are or how erratic our schedule, we all want our home to be warm and welcoming when we step through the door.

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Building trust and adding revenue

Our consumer engagement platform is designed to pique interest and capture data.  It's not just a short-term attraction tool but an interactive programme that nets long-term customer loyalty.

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Maximising efficiency and payback for the consumer

Our high-tech, simple-to-use displays are designed to improve efficiency and save costs for the consumer. The displays show live data directly from the PV array so that homeowners can get the bigger picture of their array capabilities and drive down costs for good.

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Smart Visibility

Providing consumer access to real-time information

The roll-out of smart meters will change the face of home energy and geo is ready. We've been busy defining and refining smart meter displays, services and consumer access devices to ensure they are interoperable.

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