Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics (CAPE), University of Cambridge

CAPE was formed as a way in which the University could address global issues involving open innovation in partnership with internationally important companies strategically placed along the supply chain in the photonics and electronics industries.

Its unique form of academic-industrial partnership provides for joint governance and a jointly commissioned research portfolio at the cutting edge of contemporary technology with an emphasis on significant societal relevance.

CAPE (The Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics) is based around world-leading facilities and expertise in electronics and photonics at the University of Cambridge.

CAPE is operated under a Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) negotiated between the University and the CAPE Partner companies, currently Alps Electric Co. Ltd (an electronic devices and components manufacturer) and Dow Corning (a silicon-based materials and services company).  CAPE and its SPA are constantly evolving to adapt to internal and external environmental needs with the aim of enhancing academic research and creating added value for business.

The CAPE Partners are strategically placed in the supply chain in orthogonal relationships without any unacceptable conflict of interest.  The mix of Partner interests has shifted over the last five years with the departure of the original systems company, Ericsson, and venture capital company, Advanced Nanotech Inc.  However, the remaining Strategic Partners, Alps Electric and Dow Corning, continue to represent business interests on three continents.

The first phase of the CAPE partnership will end in March 2010, but in the next phase CAPE plans to build on its success and integrate with a wider area of the academic community and with a greater range of business enterprises including small and medium companies, thereby reflecting current trends in the industrial landscape in the UK.

At present, in addition to the two founding Strategic Partners, there is a CAPE Associate in the field of electronic imaging, Carl Zeiss SMT.  It is hoped that other companies will demonstrate an interest in becoming CAPE Associates through investment in CAPE activities below the level expected from the Strategic Partner companies.

CAPE is housed within the Electrical Engineering Division of Cambridge University Engineering Department, although its activities are not necessarily confined to the Engineering Department.  CAPE funded research makes up about a quarter of the research portfolio in the Electrical Engineering Division.

Further information about the activities of the CAPE partnership is available from the CAPE website, http://www-cape.eng.cam.ac.uk/.

Alternatively, please contact the CAPE Coordinator, Diana Finlayson (Tel: 01223 748343, Email: cape-office@eng.cam.ac.uk).

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