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Proactive Career Development

The world of work is changing: gone is the ‘job for life’, single track development and the attitude of simply working to earn money. We are now working for longer, demanding greater job satisfaction, competing with automation, and expected to adapt and upskill continuously.

So what does this mean for you? Where is your future and how do you get there?

This workshop introduces the first steps to proactive career development, looking at your own future and what you can do to approach it with confidence.

Who should attend: Anyone who wants to take control of their career and their personal brand whether considering an immediate career move or reassessing own potential for development

By the end of the course participants will have:

  •     Increased self-awareness
  •     A better understanding of their own USPs
  •     The foundation to create their credible and convincing career story
  •     The strategic insights to define future career paths
  •     Looked at their own CV for areas to adapt and enhance
  •     Tools and techniques to plan further career messaging through various channels e.g. networking, LinkedIn etc
  •     Practiced skills for confident communication in all situations including an elevator pitch and handling interview questions

Duration: 2.5 hours (10-12:30 or 1-3:30)

Group size: Max 16

This course is a collaboration between Sarah Cruise from eloquential and Ulrich Seega, SANDPartners

Talent Strategy

Aligning talent strategy to business strategy.

Our contemporary approach to talent management. We provide access to HR services and talent when you need it, whilst reducing the pain and pressure of short notice recruitment processes.

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Career Transition

Channeling performance and focus.

Finding a meaningful professional purpose. Managing change. We do this through raising self-awareness, learning to manage the newly gained insights, and setting a winning strategy to create opportunities.

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Executive Search

The search for talent that allows leaders to do what they are best at.

We find executive and non-executive directors that help leadership teams to overcome challenges in the uncharted territories of ever so changing markets.

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Sounding Board | People Risk Management | Talent Strategy | Executive Search | Building a Board

Sounding Board
Reflection, scenario planning, idea generation, and prioritisation in regards to people & business as and when you need it.

Talent Strategy
Building a talent strategy & pipeline aligned to the business plan. Access to talent when you need it whilst reducing the pain and pressure of short notice recruitment processes.

People Risk Management
Connecting company growth with people strategy and talent aspirations. Strategic talent management, succession planning and team/board effectiveness.

Executive Search
The search for talent that allows the founders to do what they are best at. Hiring professionals that drive best performance whilst creating a unique company culture.

Building a Board
Finding non-executive directors that help leadership teams to meet their targets and overcome challenges in uncharted territories.

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