VentureRadar discovers and ranks companies, making them visible to potential partners, customers, and investors. We work for some of the World’s largest corporations, removing the barriers they traditionally face in discovering and tracking companies. We operate the VentureRadar search engine and provide custom search services, both underpinned by our company discovery system, which combines web crawling, AI, proprietary algorithms and expert human interpretation.

VentureRadar crawls more than 5 million websites per month to discover new companies and track the progress of already known companies. We process this information using big data analytics, proprietary algorithms, machine learning and expert human interpretation.

Our search engine and custom search services are both underpinned by this system:

  • Our search engine uses this system to pro-actively discover, rank and track companies in popular innovation and technology domains;
  • For custom search projects, our analysts 'tune' this system so it can be used to rapidly screen and identify large volumes of potential candidates in your specific areas of interest.

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