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Industry-leading providers of a diverse range of standard and bespoke controlled environment design & build solutions, as well as a wide array of high-quality cleanroom-related products and services.

The Guardtech Group’s five divisions deliver high-performance custom cleanroom design and construction solutions alongside first-class controlled environment commissioning. Guardtech have supplied the Life Science and High-Tech Engineering industries throughout Europe since 2000.

The Guardtech Group, newly established in January 2022, is comprised of five subsidiary companies:

Guardtech Cleanrooms – catering specifically to the modular cleanroom market.
Cleanroom Solutions – acquired by the Guardtech Group late in 2021 – the Sussex-based firm renown for high-quality controlled environment design & build services are responsible for Guardtech’s larger turnkey construction projects.
Isopod Rapid Cleanrooms – offering a quicker, more flexible and cost-effective alternative, with standardised models made from stock held by Guardtech, available for ‘flat-pack’ delivery and with the option for self-assembly installation.
Isoblok Pre-Fabricated Cleanrooms – pre-configured ‘plug and play’ cleanroom units and pods constructed off site.
CleanCube Mobile Cleanrooms – high-quality portable controlled environment solutions for businesses all over the world.

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Guardtech Cleanrooms are an industry-leading provider of bespoke controlled environments and laboratories, delivering custom cleanroom design and construction solutions alongside comprehensive commissioning services. We’ve supplied the Life Science and High-Tech Engineering industries throughout Europe since 2000.

Offering turnkey solutions for clients looking to create, improve, upgrade or relocate a critical environment, Guardtech manage the design and installation of all structural, mechanical and electrical elements of all projects to provide a hassle-free experience for clients. 

Image removed.With in-house Designers, full-time specialist Installation Engineers and dedicated Project Managers, Guardtech provide expert advice based on a 20-year history and varied portfolio of successful cleanroom projects. Guardtech focus on delivering the best possible value to clients and excel in balancing client specification and application requirement against project limitations, to deliver cleanrooms that exceed expectations, not budgets.

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Guardtech provide cleanroom installations for all applications and budgets, ranging from standard modular cleanrooms, softwall cleanrooms and ISOPODs for small to medium scale applications through to entire turnkey cleanroom design and construction. Whatever the project, Guardtech approach it with the same passion, dedication and focus, delivering
a high-end client experience throughout the process, resulting in lasting relationships and impressive testimonials.

Guardtech design & install bespoke cleanroom environments including:
– Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms & Containment Suites
– Aseptic Production Suites
– Semiconductor Ballroom Cleanrooms
– IVF Labs & Embryology Suites

Guardtech provide modular cleanrooms and turnkey cleanrooms for the following industries:
– Aerospace, Automotive, Digital Printing, Electronics, Embryology, Food, Healthcare, Injection Moulding, Medical Device, Micro-Electronics, Optical, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Universities.

Guardtech also supply a wide range of standard and bespoke cleanroom equipment & furniture, in addition to cleanroom validation, service & maintenance, testing and cleaning.

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Products and services

Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging Service
With our new EndoSan Model C Fogger, Guardtech Cleanrooms’ Decontamination Cleans can help your business tackle the threat of COVID-19 and more with our hydrogen peroxide fogging. This dry fogging system is compatible in all office environments, as well as with sensitive electronic equipment. 

EndoSan SHP dry misting has been proven to achieve greater than log 5 reduction (99.999%) in bacteria and at least a log 3 (99.9%) reduction in virus of the coronavirus family.


EndoSan is the world’s most-advanced silver-stabilised hydrogen peroxide and can be used in any location for disinfection of airborne or surface micro-organisms, including: 
Hospitals, schools, ambulances, supermarkets, factories, nurseries, universities, homes

EndoSan is a powerful, highly effective, stable and safe solution of hydrogen peroxide, stabilised using a specially formulated silver-based chemistry.

How it works? 

When a bacterium senses a disinfectant, it emits catalase which will neutralise the hydrogen peroxide molecule. The presence of silver inhibits the emission of catalase and allows the peroxide to destroy the pathogen.

Call 0330 113 0303 or email now to speak with one of our friendly team directly – we’re ready and waiting to help
Cleanroom Commissioning
ISO14644:1-15 Validation: Airborne Particle Counts, Airflow Volume Measurements, Pressure Differential Testing, Temperature, Humidity & Lux Level Recording, ISO Certification and Full Validation Report.

Environment Qualification: Design Qualification (DQ) conducted by in-house Design Team, Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) conducted by the Services Department.

Facility Decontamination: Builders’ Cleans, Pre-Validation Cleans, Biocidal / Sporicidal Cleans. Range of contract options: annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily. Cleanliness Verification tests conducted and full reporting.

Maintenance: Service Visits and Maintenance Contracts for cleanroom plant including Filtration, HVAC, Compressed Air, Extraction and other Mechanical Services.

All work conducted is followed by detailed reporting in line with ISO14644-1:2015 standards and cGMP guidelines, ensuring client facilities are audit-ready and compliant with the requirements of regulatory bodies.

ISOPOD Modular Cleanrooms

Combining high-quality construction materials with state-of-the-art cleanroom technology, ISOPODs are the perfect solution to upgrading Production environments, R&D applications, Education or Healthcare facilities in a sustainable, practical and cost-effective way.

ISOPODs can be reconfigured, relocated, extended and upgraded – growing alongside your business, evolving with your needs. Shipped worldwide ready for quick and simple self-assembly, supported by full installation instructions and demonstration movies. Alternatively these can be delivered & installed quickly by Guardtech’s experienced ISOPOD engineers.

  • Ships worldwide for self-assembly
  • Can be reconfigured, relocated and extended
  • Available as hardwall, softwall or hybrid cleanroom
  • Changing room / materials interlock modules
  • Can be static or mobile on casters
  • Can be upgraded or modified as your business grows
  • Energy efficient – only control the area that requires it
  • Can be branded in corporate colours, logo, graphics
  • Removable panels for equipment transfer
  • Glazing can be added to any hardwall configuration


CleanCube portable cleanrooms
Bespoke CleanCube modular buildings: Ideal for UK & mainland European applications. Offsite construction – onsite assembly. Minimise construction works onsite, utilise exterior spaces, no restrictions on sizes.

CleanCube shipping containers: Worldwide solution – can be shipped globally as entire units or connected/stackable modules via standard shipping channel.

CleanCube portable cabins: Standard-size pre-built cabin units that can be fitted out to any cleanroom specification. These units feature a quick turnaround time, come in a range of sizes and offer simple plug-&-play installation.

CleanCube vehicle conversions: Mobile labs & cleanrooms – 3.5 and 7.5-ton vehicles internally fitted out structurally, mechanically and electrically with furniture and equipment kit out.

Laboratory and Cleanroom Design and Construction

Guardtech have been building controlled environments for over 20 years and most recently have produced mobile testing labs for Covid-19 testing in vans, trucks, containers and mobile buildings to BSL2 standard. Our culture is all about delivering value solutions on time and to exceed customers expectations. We also have our own in house clean team and validation service. We supply cleanroom equipment and furniture as part of our projects and as a stand alone service.

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