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Specialist people and culture consultancy, focussed on enabling start-ups to scale up and grow, deliver their strategy and create truly innovative organisations. We offer people strategy design and delivery work, as well as Retained and Flexible People Services including Fractional Chief People Officer offering.

P2 Knowledge was founded to provide people focused advice and solutions to a range of organisations leveraging experience and practical insight to create exceptional business focused results.

Founded by a People Director who has spent 20 years working in an exceptional FTSE25 technology company and within pharmaceuticals and utilities industries delivering progressive people results.  More recently focussed on Series A and B companies alongside working in a VC focussed on building pre-seed companies. 

We believe that progressive people strategies and solutions don’t have to have complication or the preserve of larger organisations.  We know that by spending our time with business leaders and people focused organisations, we can deliver solutions together that will deliver results. 


Balancing a people centred approach with business practicality. Enabling people to be the very best versions of themselves so they can deliver results.


Not being constrained in our thinking.  Taking a progressive, data and research driven approach to solutions that deliver the right outcome for each unique organisation.

Simple and Flexible

Delivering people strategies that everyone understands and can contribute to.  Taking a flexible approach to delivering our services in order to support each organisation when they need it.  We will be ready whenever you need us. 


Working with business leaders and people teams to deliver solutions together with shared success.

In my time as a CEO of a dynamic deep-tech startup, I have had outstanding support and help from Emma. She is a highly experienced expert in people management and employment practices. In addition to her expertise in people management Emma has consistently provided me with an independent assessment of our team and the dynamics within it. She has provided insightful guidance and support when dealing with both positive and challenging situations that arise within any organisation. Emma is clear, concise and straight talking. She is an advisor and confidant that can be trusted and relied upon when you need an expert in your corner.

CEO Series B Technology Company

Products and services

Fractional Chief People Officer

A part-time (or fractional) HR Director/CPO working just like a full-time one, but without the full time commitment and thus cost of a full-time hire. Providing Advice on HR parts of your business, but on a more flexible basis.

People Consulting

Alongside our People Service offering we can also provide a number of additional services for organisations as they grow and develop. These additional services can be utilised at any stage of a company's evolution and are designed to enable leaders and founders to make great decisions as they begin to grow their team and business. 

No two organisations are the same and we will design and develop the right services for each company that we support.  However, some of the services you may wish to consider are:

Organisational design and development 

  • Structure within an organisation is critical to success not only for larger companies but for those that are growing and scaling.  This service can support organisations to make key decisions on structure and organisation at very early stages of growth that then allow teams and leaders to be able to confidently deliver outcomes without the worry of internal politics, stepping on toes or unknown boundaries.  

​Leadership team development 

  • Being able to work together as a leadership team in a effective way is fundamental to the health of your business and it's ability to function, scale and grow.  Our offering will support the development of your team, enable you to have great conversations, support you to understand each other and how you can work to your strengths and develop the traits of a high performing team.

​Purpose, culture and values capture, design and development 

  • Purpose, culture and values are the foundations of your organisation.  It is why you and your team come to work everyday, it impacts how you make decisions, it supports you to attract talent to join your organisation, it's how you work together and how it feels to be a part of your organisation.  It is also an essential part of how you interact with customers and investors.  Our offering supports you to understand your purpose, develop a statement that reflects that purpose and the underlying values and behaviours that will allow you to deliver on your purpose and provide the culture that brings exceptional results.  

Employee experience and engagement 

  • How your people experience coming to work each day directly impacts their ability to deliver the outcomes they have promised.  In addition, how engaged people are in the work they are doing and the impact they are having is also essential in understanding how your people.  Our offering supports an approach to employee experience and the employee lifecycle that will mean each person has a positive experience day to day and also how you can measure and understand engagement across the organisation 

​Coaching and mentoring 

  • At various points in our careers mentoring and coaching can have an incredible impact on our growth and development.  Our mentoring and coaching offering could be for leaders and managers or other members of your team considering their career and next steps.  

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