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We help teams become more adaptable to change so they are ready for whatever happens next. This is not Change Management because Adaptability is not a project. It is a mindset that is proven to deliver more value to the bottom line than any other driver of behaviour. Our unique roadmap for raising Adaptability Intelligence increases levels of collaboration and innovation, delivering the strategy more quickly and completely.

I’ve been leading change for over 25 years, in some of the world’s most innovative and dynamic organisations. Along the way I’ve run a billion euro supply chain from Sweden and been the CEO of a multi-national down under. So I can say with some confidence that I’ve walked at least half a mile in the shoes of those I work with.

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HPC Programme

The HPC programme is a proven practical roadmap that will take you on a journey towards mastering adaptability.

The HPC Programme combines Rich Alderton’s 25 years’ practical experience of leading change with leading-edge scientific theory. But despite all that good stuff, it’s all based on a really simple principle:

Those who resist change are regressing, and those who embrace it are progressing.

You will be guided through 4 levels of ‘Adaptability Intelligence’, each one being logically linked to the level above and below it, forming a progressive and easy-to-navigate pathway.

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