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Additive Manufacturing consultancy lead by one of the countries most experienced engineers in the field of metal 3D printing.

The adoption of Additive Manufacturing is revolutionising the manufacturing industry, but gaps in the understanding of metallurgy have created barriers that must first be overcome to fully realize its potential. Fortunately, M A M Solutions, with its expertise in metallurgy, materials science, and AM processes, is here to assist businesses in overcoming these barriers. From material selection and qualification to microstructure control, residual stress mitigation, and post-processing optimization, we empower businesses to harness the full potential of AM and unlock all its benefits. Together, we can accelerate your journey towards successful and optimised metal additive manufacturing.

I am passionate about additive manufacturing and the never ending possibilities that it can bring to our world, and I will do my utmost to help you find it’s potential.

Dr Martin McMahon
Martin McMahon

Managing Director

Products and services

Metal powders from Elementum 3D

Elementum 3D have developed metal alloy powders specifically to benefit from the AM process with their patented Reactive Additive Manufacturing technology. They specialise in Aluminium and Nickel based alloys.

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Additive Manufacturing Consultant

M A M Solutions is here to provide the right advice and guidance on the selection of equipment, materials, design, and even the complete end to end AM process chain. Whilst at the heart of the business is an ethos of promoting collaborative research and development in AM technologies and materials, and trying to minimise the impact on the environment. Therefore, by selecting M A M Solutions as your advisor in metal AM, you’ll feel encouraged to embrace metal AM, to maximise its full potential to become an integral part of your future operations, knowing you’ll be on the right track for future sustainability.

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